Elfie Christmas Home Visits 22,23,24 December

Elfie Christmas Home Visits

After a very successful Christmas 2017, we have decided to once again bring back Elfie Christmas to make those magical home visits before Christmas

This year we have decided to do things a little different and dates and times are postcode dependent. This is the only way we can efficiently fill our diary and ensure we get to see as many children as possible.

This years price has risen a little due to a massive rise in fuel costs we will be charging £40 per visit


this is for a maximum of 4 Children (£5 per additional child). (Christmas Eve 8pm Home Visit - £60)

Elfie Christmas Home Visit..

Santa’s human elf, Elfie Christmas will come to your home in full costume.

1st he will sit down with the children and talk to them for a few minutes, then he will read a short Christmas story and then perform a Christmas miracle!  He will take all the children’s letters for Santa and place them in a magical pan, once the lid is closed the letters will disappear and head to the north pole, after a few magic words we take the lid off the pan and inside will be personalised sweet cones and letter direct from the North Pole for each child, and also some magical reindeer food to leave outside on Christmas eve.

The visit last around 20 minutes.


1… Bookings can only be made and paid for in full via our website


2… You must ensure that you book the correct postcode and time slot.  The only way we can do this is by visiting certain areas on certain days and times. (8pm Christmas Eve, we have left the location open (within 15miles of the NE6 Postcode))

·         21st December – Gateshead – 11am – 3pm (5 slots available)

·         21st December – Hebburn, Boldon & Jarrow – 4pm – 7pm (4 slots available)

·         22nd December – Cramlington NE23 – 11am – 2pm (4 slots available)

·         22nd December – Blyth NE24 – 3pm – 5pm (3 slots available)

·         22nd December – Whitley Bay – 6pm – 8pm (3 slots available)

·         23rd December – Newcastle NE15/NE18 – 10am – 1pm (4 slots available)

·         23rd December – Newcastle NE5/NE3 – 2pm – 4pm (3 slots available)

·         23rd December – Newcastle NE13/NE12 – 5pm – 8pm (4 slots available)

·         Christmas Eve – Newcastle NE2/NE6/NE7 – 10am – 1pm (4 slots available)

·         Christmas Eve – North Tyneside – NE28/NE29/NE30 – 2pm – 4pm (3 slots available)

·         Christmas Eve – North Tyneside – NE12, NE25, NE27 – 5pm – 7.30pm (4 slots available

·         Christmas Eve – within 15 miles of NE6 – 8pm (1 slot available)

3… Please ensure you will be available during the whole time slot.  We will inform you as soon as all slots have been booked of an estimated time of arrival or if all slots have not been booked I will contact you and confirm estimated time 48 hours before.

4… Please add the children’s names of who will be attending in the comments box on your online order, please note this can only be amended no later than 48 hours prior to your booked visit.

5…  If you cancel your booking, please note there will be a £15 admin charge and you will be only refunded £25 (+ any additional children).

6… Our sweet cones, do contain Gelatine sweets, not suitable for vegetarians.  There are no but products added to the sweet cones, however we do not have control over the sweet manufacturer and you should always assume there could a risk if you have a peanut allergy.

7… Finally, Please note that I am fully insured, have a DBS certificate and also a member of Equity.  These Elfie Christmas visits are on behalf of Starlight Party.


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