8 to 11 Year Old Disco Party

Junior 8 to 11 year old discos

Its all about the fun, with Starlight Party 8 to 11 year old junior disco parties.  We understand that children of this age, sometimes do not want to play party games and have a children's entertainer.  Most would rather have the option of choosing their own songs, maybe Karaoke or sometimes a few more suitable games for their age group.

It can be an awkward age for this age group and finding the right DJ/Entertainer can be a bit of struggle.  Some children don't want loads of games and would like to focus more on the lighting and be able to choose the songs the DJ plays, others want that full on kids party with all the fun and games included.

We are more than happy to meet your requirements and ensure your child has the party they want.

Our standard 2 hour party can include the following:

  • Fun DJ/Entertainer
  • Fun Party Games
  • Bubble Machine
  • Disco Lights and Smoke Machine (can only be used if no smoke alarms are present)
  • Chart topping music and classic party tunes
  • The chance to request songs
  • Up to 30 glow sticks or £10 for 100.

We only charge £120 for a 2 hour party if within 10 miles of NE6.  We have a great light and sound show that will have you the envy of the class.

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