Starlight Party looking forward to 2018

DJ Gary Starlight PartyAs 2018 approaches, I can safely say looking back at 2017 I have never been so busy. I don’t claim to be the biggest, the best or the cheapest. I run a legal business( pay Tax, Insurance, pay for my music and software and run a real business bank account ), I am a one man company and I aim to give a 5* service ( as per my reviews ). I don’t accept your booking knowing I can’t turn up and then pass it onto someone inferior to take a cut off the top. If you book Starlight party you’re getting Starlight Party! Of course there have been parties I have not been able to attend due to illness, but I have always found the best of the best to cover and any additional costs I’ve covered myself to ensure that my clients get the closest service to what I offer as there is available.

I won’t lie to you, I won’t cheat you and I will NEVER let you down. Starlight Party is a small company that has grown into one of the most trusted and respected companies in the North East.

So on that note, if someone says they are the cheapest, you have to wonder why? If someone claims to be the best, on what basis do they make those claims? If someone claims they are the biggest, does that matter?

2018 is going to be a big year for me and Starlight Party. My prices will have to rise a little, due to increased costs in fuel, insurance and equipment. We will still offer a 5* service and keep the prices to the average fee charged by other local companies. I will do what ever it takes to ensure every review is 5*.

I wish you all a great 2018 and if you’re after a children’s entertainer, wedding/party dj or someone who can offer a great service for a boxing or fight show event then drop me a message.

Thanks for reading


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