Who are you booking for your Party/Event?


So you have spent hours on the internet, social media and asking friends for recommendations on booking a DJ, it might be for a kids party, adults birthday, wedding or corporate event.  Eventually you make a decision based on what you have researched.  It maybe recommendations and reviews, it might be the look of the DJ and Setup or it could be down to the price.  Whatever the reason its a personal choice and in most cases it's not taken lightly.

Did you know there are several Disco and DJ businesses out there that will take accept your booking, money and then pass it on to another DJ for a cut of the fee?  They have no intention of turning up themselves, or even in a lot of cases supplying the setup and sound they have advertised on their website and social media accounts.  The sole reason is to take a cut of what you are paying for.

So as an example:  You book 'Disco Dave (Fictional name)' and he sells you his service, great DJ, nice lights and experienced.  He charges £250 for his disco and service.  You're happy with the price and book with him, you complete the booking form, agree to the terms and happy you have booked the DJ you wanted.  Now behind the scenes, the Disco Dave who you think you have booked isn't available, only he knows a few DJ's who might not be working that night, so he makes his calls and books in 'DJ Paul (another fictional name)' and is paying him £160 to do your event.  So not only are you paying for a £250 service, paying for a DJ and service you have researched but now you're getting a £160 DJ, who you might have already discounted when doing your research and you have no idea. You won't find out until the DJ turns up, who will be instructed not to wear any of his own companies branded clothing, or show any marketing material highlighting his own company as Disco Dave's only intention is to pull the wool over your eyes!

So what should you do when booking a DJ or Service?

  1. Before you book, ask if the DJ you're booking and the service you're booking is as described.  The setup, DJ and experience is correct?
  2. Ask for the name of the DJ who will be doing your party/event and ask if they are solely working for who you are booking?  If not ask for the company or DJ's name they are booking on their behalf? Then you can research and probably get them cheaper.
  3. Before your party/event make sure you contact the DJ who is DJ'ing your party to discuss any requirements, making sure this is the DJ that will be turning up.
  4. On the night of your party/event, speak to the DJ and check that they are who you are expecting.

I know this post will upset a lot of mobile DJ's who do this and make a lot of money from it, but I honestly think its unfair on people paying good money for a service and then it being farmed out to the cheapest bidder.

Also, did you know, that these people are legally classed as an agent and should be registered as such, all fees should be paid into a separate client account and not into the companies account.

What about Starlight Party, well I am a one-man operation. If you book Starlight Party, you get me (Gary).  Of course there are times that I might have to pass on a booking due to last minute or work commitments, illness or family emergencies but I will always let you know as soon as I can, I will only send a DJ (who I am happy to disclose his company name to you) who I trust, the DJ will receive the full fee paid.  I never accept a booking I knowingly can't fulfil.

So in summing up, always check that who you think you are booking is actually who you are booking and for the fee you're paying.

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