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Welcome to Issue 1 of our Disco Blog. Each week we are going to talk about some of the parties we have done, latest news, views and what big songs to look out for.
A little bit about us #1
Starlight Party are fast closing in our 5th Year in business.  When I decided to start my own mobile disco company, I had no idea how big it would grow and how popular we would be.  Everyone except my wonderful wife said ‘Don’t do it!’ The North East is flooded with Mobile Discos so there is a massive amount of competition.  They all have different skills, prices and standards.
I was determined from the outset that I was not going to cut corners and do it all proper from the outset. I already had a massive music collection so the biggest part was already in hand.  I purchased average priced sound and lighting, all second hand from eBay and gumtree and ended up with a pretty decent show.  My first solo gig was a charity night, and it was a massive success.   I had a full dance floor all night, the equipment all worked and it was the start of what I would describe as an amazing journey with Starlight Party.
So the highlight of the week!
This week I was I booked to supply an entrance way and PA (Sound, Music and Microphones) for the amazing First Class Wrestling at the parks leisure centre in North Shields.  A mixture of old school ‘World of Sport’ and modern day American style wrestling with some high flying Mexican style wrestling thrown in.  We had to setup on an angle and created a pretty impressive entrance way for the wrestlers to come through.  What was a surprise was the spectators were using the entrance way to take photos of each other.  So even the crowd could feel part of the action.  The biggest challenge for me was to use our specialist haze machine (very fine water based smoke effect) and ensure that the smoke detectors were not affected. So it was used very sparingly and gave a great effect.  The promoter was so happy with the setup he has booked starlight party to supply sound and lighting for all of his 2016 shows.  Now I know it’s not a huge WWE setup, it’s a low cost solution that local promoters can afford.  We are going to be investing more into this side of the business as it’s proving more popular than ever.
What is everyone listening to?
It’s fair to say that 2016 so far has not been the best in terms of music.  It seems to have been all Adele on the radio play!  I am not a fan to be honest and cannot understand the hype around her.
The Bieber has become liked once more and his latest album (Purpose) has been a massive success as have loads of remixes of his songs. So almost half way through the year and what is hitting our charts? I am loving the Michael Gubler Deep House Remix of What Do You mean.
One of the biggest songs of the year and still in the top 5 is ‘I took a pill in Ibiza – Mike Posner’, even though after a few weeks after release the radio stations decided ‘took a pill’ was inappropriate and he had to change the lyrics to ‘I took a plane to Ibiza.’
As festival season approaches. The dance tracks to the summer being released. Old favourites like Galantis, Calvin Harris, Rhianna & Sigma are all guaranteed to make big waves this summer with some pretty decent dance tracks.  I am personally into Do It Right –  Martin Solveig and the new one from Lethal Bizzle – Wobble.
After last year’s remix of Tracey Chapman’s – Fast Car,(Jonas Blue feat. Dakota)  I have a feeling some more 80’s classics might be getting a 2016 make-over.
On about comebacks, the stone roses have bounced back with a great new track ‘All For One’ it has that true Madchester feel and takes me back to the good old days of the Hacienda in Manchester. Tee in the Park scooped them well before any announcement and have them headlining.
So that’s about it from me this week.  Don’t stop partying and there is no party like a starlight party……