Booking Form

So you have been in touch, and now you’re ready to book. Please complete the following booking form. Please complete all fields marked as ‘REQUIRED’ if you miss out any of these the form will not send and you will receive an error message at the bottom of the page. Once you have completed the booking form, please check your email or spam box for confirmation that we have received the booking form. This email will also contain information on how to pay your deposit. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

Key Points of booking contract

Please refer to the full booking contract.

Deposit – Only once a deposit has been paid is your booking secure. (Corporate Bookings, Deposits may not be needed)

Full Payment– The remainder of the balance must be paid before the event starts.

Cancellation – with the exception of act of god or natural disaster your deposit is non refundable. If you cancel within 14 days of your booking part payment must be paid. We do chase these payments and through the small claims court if necessary.

Setting up and Packing away – (Due to health and safety laws) We require safe parking access to load and unload our vehicle, this must be well lit and free from any obstruction. If there is no onsite parking, the booker will be liable for all parking costs incurred for the duration of the booking.

Behavior – The hirer agrees to provide adequate supervision of guests and will ensure that venue management adequately supervises customers and or staff on site premises. Please note: Where the function may include guests under the age of 16 years, the client, (or parent) is responsible for the behavior and safety of any minors attending the venue. The client will provide and maintain adequate adult supervision at all times. Starlight Party will not be liable for the supervision of minors. Unwarranted Abuse or threatening behavior from the hirer, hirer’s guests, venue management or venue staff will not be tolerated and will result in the performance being terminated with no loss to the DJ or Starlight Party. The hirer agrees that compensation for any loss of or damage to performing DJ’s equipment, vehicle(s) or personal belongings caused by hirer’s guests, venue customers and or venue staff may be sought including any additional costs.

Winter Bookings – We by law have to follow the weather safety advice from the police and environment agency. If weather warnings are issued and it’s too dangerous to travel we may have to cancel your booking at short notice. We will only ever do this at a last resort, if we can not get to the venue, chances are your guests would not either. Please ensure our loading and unloading area is free of ice and snow, again health and safety laws will not allow our staff to load or unload equipment in dangerous conditions.

Playlists and Song Requests – As a rule we do not accept playlists, a good DJ reads the room and plays music appropriate to the guests present. However we do encourage you supply a list of songs you would like played, we will try but not guarantee to play them (unless first dance, special song etc). We will also accept requests from the guests at the party, again we do not always play them as they might not be appropriate or we do not have them. We do not allow ipods, MP3 players or laptops to be connected to our system unless prior agreement has been sought (we need to sound test before anything is plugged into our system)

Please Remember – Your DJ is only human and should not have to take any abuse because he won’t play a song when requested or is playing a song that someone does not like. Also don’t forget your DJ is at your party before, during and after your party finishes, its always encouraged to offer refreshments where available, a hungry DJ is not a happy DJ