18th & 21st Party DJ

18th & 21st Birthday Party DJ

Starlight Party know how to make a party great.  We know that every party is different and can have a different type of crowd.  Some parties are family parties with different ages from young to old,  This would normally mean a mix of music from the decades and requests might be pretty mixed.

Some parties might be mainly aimed at the age group that matches the host.  So the music played might be a mixture of party tunes, current chart and club remixes.


That is so true!   Yet I am sure you might have been to some parties that are exactly the same.  Same poor sound, same cheap and nasty lighting and same tunes played.

At Starlight Party we firmly beleive that quality of sound and lighting goes hand in hand with working with you, to ensure the party goes as you would like.

Our DJ’s are happy to take requests on the night and are more than happy to accept a small playlist prior to the party.

Stella's 18th Birthday Party

Above you will find one of the 18th Birthday Parties we did at the Blue Flames for Stella.  Stella had a mixture of ages of guests.  We took loads of requests from the guests during the night and party classic dancefloor fillers was the main theme of the party.

Our state of the art sound and lighting systems ensured that everyone enjoyed the music and the lighting created a great atmosphere throughout the evening.

Starlight Party The Birthday Party DJ