Starlight Party’s Covid 19 Status Update (04/06/2020)

First I want to thank everyone who has supported myself and my business through this pandemic.  I thought it was about time I addressed a few issues.


I am self-employed, and starlight party is my only source of income.  As you can imagine when the government stopped all social gatherings my income ended 100%.


The government has tried it’s best with a small grant, but because up until 2018 I was working full time and only part time running starlight party, that meant the calculations (based on the last 3 years self-assessment submissions) that were made only awarded me a minimum grant.  But it was better than nothing.  I have also had to take out a bank loan to keep the business afloat.


Bookings and deposits taken prior to the pandemic.
As I have said above, the devastating effect on my business is evident but also to those who have booked parties, weddings, boxing shows and corporate events.  Many have had to cancel, some have managed to postpone and some have managed to reschedule to later in the year or next year.


As per the booking contract  ( ) deposits are non-refundable, however I am happy to accept the use of the deposits for future bookings and will also include a £10 discount on a future booking, limited to 12 months. Bookings that were paid in full have been either rescheduled or refunded (minus the booking deposit).


New bookings, deposits and looking to the future.
I am happy to see that bookings are still being made and next year is filling up nicely.  For all bookings taken next year (2021) a booking deposit will be required.  However, if the booking is cancelled because of Covid-19 then the deposit will be refunded in full.

Bookings taken for later this year, I am not asking for a deposit now, until social gatherings, parties and events can take place.  When restrictions are lifted I will be contacting all new bookings and asking for a deposit to secure the date. If these parties and events are cancelled due to Covid-19 deposits will be refunded and the booking terms and conditions regarding cancellation payments will be waived.



What safety measures will we be taking when parties and events will be allowed to take place?
We will be working closely with the government’s health and safety departments to ensure you, your guests, staff and ourselves are safe as restrictions are lifted.  Here are some of the things we will be putting in place.

1.. We will have roped barriers (the sort that nigh clubs use) 2meters around the booth.  No one will be allowed within this space! If we are on a stage then no one will be allowed to access the stage during setup, performance and take down of equipment.

2.. We will clean, disinfect, and ensure our performance area is left as hygienic as possible when we leave the venue.

3.. We will not be accepting face to face requests!  If a guest wishes to request a song, they will able to text their request, access a special app I am designing or message through my facebook page.

4.. Children’s Parties are always going to be a challenge and guidance has not been released on how we deal with this now.  I am developing socially distanced games and dances, the magic trick won’t be a close as it was.  I will be wearing a face mask and will constantly sanitising my hands throughout the party.  Common sense will be key here as children are tactile and will find it hard to adhere to social distancing.  The aim is to keep the parties as fun as possible.  I will update when I have solid guidance from the government.

5.. During setting up and taking down social distancing will have to be adhered to.  We will need complete unrestricted access to doorways, stairs and exits.  I know at the end of the night, a lot of people congregate near the doors of venues, and under normal circumstances it can get congested and I struggle to get my equipment loaded up.  Unfortunately, if the exits are restricted and social distancing can’t be adhered to I will be unable to load my equipment and an overtime fee of £20 per 15minutes will be invoiced.

6.. We will continue to offer Karaoke as a service however, this will mean that each induvial singer will need their own mic cover (to keep).  There is a £1 charge per person.   This will include a foam mic cover to cover the top of the microphone, the microphone will be cleaned using a sanitiser between each singer, hand sanitiser will be used by each singer before they take the mic too.  This is the only safe way to carry out Karaoke and sharing of microphones.

7.. IMPORTANT!  This is probably the most important part of this announcement.  If social distancing rules are not met, if anyone tries to access the DJ booth, coming within the roped-off area, becomes abusive or is showing a disregard for mine or my team’s health. The event will be stopped, venue management notified, and police called if necessary.  Mine and my family’s safety is my number one concern. My wife is a nurse and works with vulnerable, at higher risk people.  If I must self-isolate then if affects my business, my income, bookings and of course my health.
I think that is about it in this update.  If you have any questions, concerns please drop me a message on my Facebook page at or email me at

Thanks for reading, thanks for your continued support.  Please keep safe, keep healthy and follow the government’s advice.