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Starlight Party Blog #2

Its been a while since I have written a blog for the website, so here goes.

Busy Busy Busy!
Well we have been pretty busy since January and had a mixture of clients and functions to cater for.  This is one of the reasons I love Starlight Party, we are not a jukebox with some flashy lights we are party people!

As our slogan goes, ‘There ain’t no party like a Starlight Party.  You don’t have to take our word for it, just check out our reviews on our facebook page.  All are 100% genuine!

Check out our reviews here:


So what have we been doing in the last few weeks?
Children’s Parties, Teenager Parties, 21st Parties, Weddings, Engagements and fight show DJ, Lighting and Walkway too!

What makes us different?
People often wonder why book Starlight Party, after-all we are the cheapest around and all DJ’s are the same aren’t they?

It’s a very easy misconception to make.  Most people see a DJ as someone who plays music, after-all anyone can bang on a few tunes and get people dancing.  I wish it was that easy.  When I get asked this question I always ask how many parties have they been to when the DJ, his sound and lighting have been poor?  Most will reply quiet a few.  Here is a list of common complaints about DJ’s.


1.       We didn’t see the DJ all night, he was hidden behind a laptop.

2.       The DJ didn’t take any requests.

3.       The DJ never used his microphone and interacted with the guests.

4.       The DJ was sat behind a table, wires all over the place and it looked a mess.

5.       The music sounded dreadful.

6.       The light show well it wasn’t a light show it was a few lights on the floor

7.       The DJ kept disappearing for a tab.

8.       The DJ was drunk and spent more time on the microphone than playing music.

9.       The DJ turned up for our wedding in a stained t-shirt, scruffy jeans and obviously didn’t wear any deodorant.

10.   Booked a DJ for a kids party and he didn’t play games.  He only played music.

So have a guess what all these complaints had in common?  Nearly always – My Mates a DJ, The cheapest I could find on facebook or the club supplied me with theirs.

So back to the point, we at Starlight Party have experience!  We update our lighting and sound systems annually.  We have different shows for different types of parties. 

For Kids Parties, we have a small functional setup that can be setup and taken down in under 30 minutes.  For 13th Birthday parties, we have UV Lighting, Moving Heads, Awesome Remixes and a real party DJ to get them up dancing.  Other adult parties, we have a clean, crisp looking setup that will give the wow factor to any venue.  Weddings, we have a great light show, with a hearts or stars first dance, bubble machine, mood / uplighting and a smartly dressed DJ who has a big enough music library to keep all the guests entertained. 

As you can imagine, this means we have a lot of equipment, our parties are designed to meet your requirements and not one setup fits all.

So we are booked on quality of sound, light show and of course the DJ!  We know we are not the most expensive, we know we are not the cheapest, we are somewhere in the middle and that’s what we feel is a fair representation of our pricing structure. 

House Party Disco & Karaoke!!!

This month we have just done a disco/karaoke in a residential property.  To be fair this is something we rarely do, as we have to be sure that we can safely setup and that the type of party is suitable.  Unfortunately, this is not something that can be done in most homes.  The property has to be pretty big and proportionate to the size of the disco.  There are some parties we would never do in a residential address (13th’s, 18th’s and 21st Birthday Parties).  All residential parties have to be finished by 11pm and we would always advise that your neighbours are warned and that told it will finish at 11pm.



Yep, we decided to spend some more money and upgrade some of our equipment.  This month we have purchased some new moving head lights so we can create a magical effect for weddings, we have also invested in a top of the range starcloth to cover the front of our booth.  This looks awesome and is already getting good feedback.

Well that’s it for me this month.  Check out some of our corporate events coming up.


80’s Disco & Karaoke – Friday 21st April @ The Fat Ox, Whitley Bay

Boxing Event – Saturday 6th May @ The NE6 Suite, Walker