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2020 What a year

June 2020 update blog 17th of June and we have been now been closed for 12 weeks!  The governments’ lockdown is still in place and we are looking for that ray of sunshine to shine on the entertainment industry once again. Pubs are looking like they will be o   pening on the 4th July…

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Covid-19 Update

Starlight Party’s Covid 19 Status Update (04/06/2020)Hi, First I want to thank everyone who has supported myself and my business through this pandemic.  I thought it was about time I addressed a few issues.   I am self-employed, and starlight party is my only source of income.  As you can imagine when the government stopped…

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Who are you booking for your Party/Event?

BEWARE OF THE HIDDEN MULTI-OP DISCO PROVIDER! So you have spent hours on the internet, social media and asking friends for recommendations on booking a DJ, it might be for a kids party, adults birthday, wedding or corporate event. Eventually you make a decision based on what you have researched.  It maybe recommendations and reviews,…

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A disco is just a disco?

A disco is just a disco isnt it? This is probably the most common question we hear.  The misconception that a mobile disco is just someone that has some lights, big speakers and some music is a common trend of thought. That is the illusion that some DJ’s like to ensure the public see and…

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